Sun Dominates East Village Saturday

Cooper Square Hotel in the East Village of New York City

Cooper Square Lives

The sparkling Saturday sky offered a welcome, Spring-like backdrop to today’s meanderings in the East Village of New York City.

As I walked along 5th Street between Second and Third Avenues, I could see the top of the Cooper Square Hotel peaking above.

For all my comments about its resemblance to a pleasure device, the Carlos Zapata‘s hotel really is a spectacular building on a clear sunny day – but out of place in my old East Village, still. Hard to believe the same architect that revamped Chicago’s Soldier Field has created a building less than 3 blocks from my “cozy” apartment.

Combining it with the new Thomas Mayne-architected Cooper Union construction just north of it and buildings like those which have appeared on the Lower East Side such as the new New Museum building, the East Village and its environs appear to be inching closer to an Epcot Center for the rich and famous.

Cooper Union in the East Village of New York City

Cooper Union Building Construction

I’m trying to imagine what it will be like in a couple of years in the E.V. More Degustations and EUs? Will there be any diners left – or San Loco -or the vegetarian B&H Dairy -or Downtown Bakery on First Avenue? Better be! I love that Chorizo Breakfast Burrito at Downtown Bakery.

The Cooper Square Hotel

Cooper Square Glints

I’m sure Veselka will be around – they can just keep raising their prices and will still get business: their food is a cut above other diners (such as Odessa – north or south version – on Avenue A) and the big V is an East Village institution.

The diner on 6th Street and Second Avenue where the old Kiev restaurant does not appear to be attracting a big crowd thus far. Their baseball banners and streamers didn’t make for an appetizing decorative element during their months long grand opening. People are starting to trickle in but will it be too little too late before they close and a large restaurant conglomerate comes in with the next “Blue Fin?”

Airplane Contrails in Greenwich Village

Contrails Over NYC

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March 29th, 2008

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