Jadis Wine Bar on Rivington in the Lower East Side

Jadis on the Lower East Side

Jadis on Rivington in the LES

Friday night was “wine bar night” as Jadis had the pleasure of hosting the East Village Podcasts blog and friend. Located at 42 Rivington between Eldridge and Forsyth Streets in New York City’s Lower East Side, this was my second visit to Jadis which is always busy – but not “Freeman’s Restaurant busy.”

Arriving around 7:20 p.m., there were still tables left in the basement level winebar restaurant and we were seated near the front window next to the door. Concerned about the doorside seating, I became mildly indignant that I would freeze to death in this basement of wine. Yet, perhaps due to Jadis’ basement proximity to the furnace, I quickly realized the swinging of the front door would provide an occasional and refreshing breeze.

The waiter, who was older and struck me as one of the owners in that he seemed knowledgeable, supplied us the menus from which we chose a bottle of Argentina’s Malbec (only $25!) and a plate of cheese with a selection of four cheeses in addition to bread and butter.

Cheese and Butter

Cheese with Treacherous Butter

The Malbec arrived promptly and poured like a gentle stream of wine – a wine stream, if you will.. Stream du wine. Wine River. To my winebar partner, the taste proved acceptable and our sommelier/waiter filled our glasses with the meaty Malbec.

I really know nothing about wine unless it sucks. And then I say, “This sucks” with authority. So, for me to say “meaty” is gibberish. It tasted good. It was red. Me likey.

The cheese landed next with four slices of each of the four cheeses: two soft creamy cheeses and two hard cheeses – one on the extra smelly side. Bring it.

After sampling a couple of the delicious cheeses, I grabbed the curious and soft cheese (or so I thought) in the little dish to the right of the rest of the plate. After playing with the “cheese” in my fingers, I realized that I was doing finger tricks with a pad of butter and I replaced the butter in its dish. To my astonishment, no one noticed in tables nearby. Surely, I would have been shown the door had they realized my error.

Overall, cheese and wine were very good at Jadis winebar and came in – with tip – at $53 total. The one drawback to Jadis is that when the place gets crowded, it gets loud due to cement floors, brick walls and everyone trying to shout over the table next door. Regardless, Jadis is worth a visit or two.

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March 30th, 2008

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