Three of Cups – Crusading for East Village Restaurants

Three of Cups

The Three Cups of Three of Cups

Between bursts of rain drops this evening, I went to one of my most local of restaurants, Three of Cups at First Avenue and 5th Streets, for a hearty repast.

As few may know, Three of Cups received its moniker from Medieval knights who roamed the wild streets of the East Village in the mid-15th century. Every Thursday they would come to “Billy’s” – as it was known in the 1500s – for wine and wenches and to tell tales of their latest conquests.

Ripple dissolve to present day – Three of Cups, and the three cups left behind the bar by the knights, remain a solid destination for reliable food – the “comfy chain of mail” of East Village restaurants.

A Bar Knight

Seated at the bar, I started off with a cool draft of Six Point Ale from the amiable bartender, Richie, who immediately introduced himself. To Richie’s credit, he was friendly but not to a fault in that I came for a break from the day’s machinations and not to be nice and make friends. (New York City, baby!)

(Have you heard about the new Hop Obama brew from Six Point? Check out Brownstoner for the deets.)

Water and Wannabe

Water and Wannabe

After perusing the italian food offerings of the menu, I chose the Fusilli Bolognese for $13. I came close to ordering the Penne A La Vodka, but had difficulty finding it on the menu and moved on to pasta with meat products.

Just at the end of the bar, before my pasta made its entrance, I noticed a postcard with headshots. Evidently, a very hopeful actor had left his calling card placed so that an agent or superstar director might discover him. Certainly, I noticed his calling card’s presence and ordered another Six Point in his honor. Thank you for the inspiration, my actor friend, wherever you are.

Shortly thereafter, my pasta arrived which led to a short delay as I waited for the molten sauce to cool and then I buried my fork into the bolognese. The fusilli was just what I wanted: filling, reasonably tasty and hearty on a cold, rainy night.

Fusilli Bolognese at Three of Cups

Fusilli Bolognese at Three of Cups

After tax and tip, I gladly left $31 behind. Richie said goodbye until next time as I returned the salutation and walked briskly out the door and through the steady rain.

Knights of the East Village, I recommend Three of Cups for any meal-time crusade.

Knight Rain

Knight Rain in the East Village


April 4th, 2008

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