Llamas in Central Park

Central Park Zoo Lllamas

As pictured, I’m not exactly sure what the llamas did to get thrown behind bars (…. yuk, yuk, yuk), but they seemed fairly content during a recent visit to (just outside of) the Central Park Zoo.

In the eons I have spent in New York City, I have still yet to darken the inside of the door of the Zoo located on 5th Avenue between 64th and 65th Streets. I recall enjoying visits to the local zoo as a child but after a while I realized I’m looking at caged animals and not just mysterious, wild creatures of books and film – and that can’t be good from the animal’s perspective. And often the zoo smelled, too. Would I like living in that type of environment? Nah.

Still, after passing by the open fence of the Central Park Zoo at dusk last week, life didn”t look so bad “on the inside” from my vantage point “on the outside” on a cool, Spring evening.


April 15th, 2008

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