One Year Later: Cooper Square Hotel

When you compare the current state of the Cooper Square Hotel to photos from a year ago, obviously the Bowery behemoth has come along way. And as it nears completion, it is also apparent that it will not stick out (quite) as much in that its neighbor, Thom Mayne’s new Cooper Union building constructed by Sciame, is reaching for the sky.

The missing windows of Carlos Zapata’s Cooper Square Hotel on Bowery and 5th Street – first noted here – remain plywood-covered as the unknown opening date approaches – I can see it now… Mayor Bloomberg arriving for the opening and, instead of cutting a ribbon, he removes the last piece of plywood and replaces it with space age glass. The green-tinted windows that are already in place and visible from the street level during the daytime, likely filter the UV, smog, etc. when viewing the East Village from within the CSH. I look forward to finding out what the Hotel will be providing to the community it filters when it opens – other than over-crowding and rising prices in the nabe.

Currently, the top floor balcony of the Cooper Square is enmeshed in orange construction fencing in place of what I’m guessing will be a railing with glass facade supporting it – better to view the rabble below. And, no doubt the view off the balcony is top notch – visitors can probably see the fires of Tompkins Square Park and neighborhood pig roasts while enjoying the local aroma and sipping expense account cocktails. Hotel Gansevoort trendies, right this way. A new top-floor destination champ is almost ready for your American Express card.

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April 19th, 2008

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