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NYC Subway

Subway Wall

I have always disliked the subway – it stinks. It’s rarely there when you need it. It’s too hot in the summer, too. Even those “blast” air conditioners on the 42 St. subway platform during the summer do little for me.

And I like it. The subway takes me more quickly to most places in the city, with minimal cost, than any other mode of transportation. (Yes, I know what I said in the previous paragraph.)

In general, I feel safer in the subway than I do in the back of a yellow missile careening up 1st Avenue praying that a moron does not lurk at the next cross street with his drunken pedal to the metal.

I like the visual perspectives, too. The rush of the train pulling into the station or even, don’t call me on this, the quiet wait on the subway platform when there are no trains in sight, and few people on the platform – when the tunnels of quiet reign on the F Train line at Second Avenue in NYC’s East Village.

The Subway Train Enters

The Subway Train Arrives

“Outdoor subway” can be eventful, too. The Smith and 9th street stop on the F has one of the best views in the city’s subway for urban panoramas.

The 8th Avenue stop in Brooklyn on the N train amidst NYC’s thriving Chinese community seems foreign. Platform commuters are chinese and the above ground subway runs in a ditch for a couple of miles with no trace of metropolitan New York City. The crossover sidewalk feel asian in architectural-style.

It might be fun to drive one of those subway trains someday. I wonder if the MTA would offer such a plan? I want to be in the first seat of the first car. (Any fee could go to the congestion pricing “fund” to build the new Second Avenue subway.)

Pacific Street Tunnel

Pacific Street Tunnel

Some people want to go to outer space. I just want to drive a subway train for a few stops.

59th Street on the 6

59th Street on the 6


April 26th, 2008

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