East Village Door Handle Sign Improves Sleep; Saturday Sunset

Door Handle in the East Village of New York City

New Door Handle Idea

Yesterday, as I was descending an East Village staircase leading from a friend’s apartment, I had the pleasure of spying the new door handle sign pictured on the right.

After several seconds of careful contemplation, the simple messaging of the sign was effective.

I remained quiet and moved on. After all, he or she was sleeping.

More Highlights

Other highlights from my East Village Saturday included a relaxing evening on the aforementioned friend’s East Village terrace located near New York City Marble Cemetery. With samplings of alcohol from all aisles of a local East Village liquor store, the gathering effortlessly blurred from sunny afternoon to crisp evening and was highlighted by a powerful pitcher of Mojitos.

Empire State Building Dwarfed by East Village Buildings

Empire State Building Dwarfed by East Village Buildings

To some, a great pleasure of an outdoor gathering is the chance to suck fumes from burning tobacco into one’s lungs without being asked to leave – such as the case may be in an East Village restaurant or bar. As I learned, the detritus from these occasions can make for tasty meals, too.

Cigarette Meal

Filet of Cigarette

And, in spite of a scary, nearby NYU building threatening to put people to sleep with its yawnable architecture, the sunset was stunning over the E.V. last evening as the party rolled on.

NYU Architectural Trash

NYU Architectural Trash at Sunset

The East Village sky is best. See it on a roof near you in 10003.


May 25th, 2008

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