East Village Coffee Shops: The Bean

The Bean

The Bean

The second in a series of East Village Podcasts features on local, East Village coffee shops. Yesterday’s feature was The Mercury Dime.

The Bean

An editorial team favorite due in large part to its proximity to EVP offices, The Bean, on the northwest corner of Third Street and First Avenue, has provided the team iced coffees ($2.50) and bagels ($1.95 – includes cream cheese) daily.

With traffic comparable to the local Key Food which is created by a combination of The Bean‘s reliable goods, services and location, it can be difficult to get a seat and “set-up” for a stay unless you are willing to take over one of the eight internet computers. The Bean’s staff and its owner, Guy, are hardworking and with attitudes ranging from friendly to mildly grumpy depending on time of day.

Inside The Bean

The Inner Bean

The attitude shift should not be unexpected in that the staff appears to be on the run constantly as the line extends in front of the glass case which is filled with muffins, cupcakes, and sandwiches. When present, Guy greets his regular, local guests as friends – which they likely are.

Free WiFi?

No. 2 hours of Internet through a secure Wi-Fi connection or a machine will cost you $4 – if you’re going to live the entire week inside the Bean, buy the super saver $25 subscription. At times, I think certain customers at The Bean do live there.

By sitting closer to Karma, a bar to the north of The Bean, one can get a weak signal from Karma’s open access point within the coffee shop, but I have never been able to download a single web page without succumbing to the for-pay option. At least, it’s reliable.

Iced Coffee Close-Up

Iced Coffee Close-Up

Update: If you go to the southeast corner (nearest to the corner of Third Street and 1st Avenue) of The Bean and select the “Karma” access point, you can sometimes have free Wi-Fi. It’s intermittent, at best.

Tomorrow: Mud

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June 2nd, 2008

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