East Village Coffee Shops: B Cup

Iced B Cup Coffee

Iced B Cup Coffee

The fourth in a series of East Village Podcasts features on local, East Village coffee shops. Yesterday’s feature was Mud.

B Cup

One of the great names in East Village coffee shops, B Cup, located on the southwest corner of Avenue B (B Cup, get it? I did! I did!) and 13th St., also serves food in addition to its coffee and tea menu.

A colorful paint job on the windows gives the space its retro feel and a green couch with two armchairs makes for a decent, limited-seating meeting spot. The rest of the space is devoted to table service and food.

Back to the coffee – I ordered the “Iced Vanilla Coffee” ($2.80) that was being hawked on the chalkboard near the B Cup doorstep. The vanilla either gave the iced coffee a Hazelnut taste.. or the vanilla couldn’t overcome the already Hazelnut iced coffee. It was still satisfying, though. B cup is a deserved, neighborhood favorite – even among the stiletto crowd.

B Cup Coffee

Man with A Cup in Front of B Cup

Incidentally, among all iced coffees I have sampled in the East Village, I can’t say that any one in particular has stood out. (Some seek gold, others God – this summer, EVP will seek the sweet, chilled pleasure of the East Village’s best iced coffee.)

Last thoughts on B Cup before I left: Loud foreign guy on cell phone. Can’t recognize language. Probably lives in the Ludlow. Must go. Nothing wrong with foreign people, though.

Free WiFi?

Indeed. The take-out menu for B Cup says that free wireless exists. But, a brief visit to available networks reveals password protected access. Make sure to go to the front counter where you will receive the password for free access! Otherwise, a lonely computer in the window offers 2 hours of internet access for $10. Ouch.


June 4th, 2008

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