The New York Times Capitulates; Home Page is Taken Over by Ad

NY Times AdThe newspaper is dead offline and now online, too?

The New York Times has ceded the last possible place for advertising on its site – the entire home page. Known in the advertising world as a “home page takeover,” Jet Blue is running an ad about “Happy Jetting.” Not sure what that means. Good luck happy jetting these days. At least the Jet Blue pilots are having fun.

No doubt the best newspaper in New York City is earning a pretty penny for handing over the most valuable real estate on its site. But, I know that as I watched the online ad load today, and paused in amazement, I had an urge to go backwards and to another other website that gets me to the news quicker. It’s the nature of a clicker like me.

One of the worst offenders of this type of tactic is Forbes which will show you a full page ad before any piece of contact you find through, for example a search engine (see example of Iphone article). This practice has affected the quality of their content which is largely focused on making money through the full page ad. The content beyond the ad never seems worth it.

Let’s hope The New York Times does not degenerate into the Forbes ad machine.


June 4th, 2008

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