Jeff Koons and His Metal Balloons

Jeff Koons Metal Balloon Flower

Jeff Koons’ Metal Balloons

It’s hidden by the construction work hurtling forward in the World Trade Center area, but the red Jeff Koons balloon sculpture – installed in 2006 – still draws a crowd once its found.

Between World Trade Center 7 and the Post Office building just north of Ground Zero, Koons’ red balloon sculpture (known as the red one), “Balloon Flower,” looks to originate from the same manufacturing line as the one (known as the blue one) in Potsdamer Platz and owned by the Daimler Art Collection – the artsy side of Daimler-Chrsyler. Here Jeff speak on the World Trade Center website.

I can see the car influence.

You can learn more about the sculpture genre either on Koons’ site of metal balls or read a May 2008 NY Times article which details at least 5 of the sculptures.

As I left the huggable and expensive Balloon Flower at the WTC, I heard a mother try to explain to her young sons what the red one looked like. She hesitated.

Come on, lady, tell ’em. They’re going to find out someday.

Photographer Shoots Balloons

Photographer Shoots Balloons


June 23rd, 2008

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