Century 21 Mannequin Bites Dust

Mannequin at Century 21 in NYC

Mannequin Goes Down

To some, it may be the happiest place on earth, but to others Century 21 is the epicenter of recent strife between man and mannequin.

Case and Point

As I was crossing the street today near New York City‘s “Best Kept Secret“, I heard a lady scream (the gray-haired woman pictured on right) and I turned around to see that – Horrors! – a mannequin had fallen over in one of the Century 21 windows.

With no defibrillator nearby, and being a good opportunist, I scurried back to the Cortlandt St. window and took these EVP exclusive photos which plainly show the stricken mannequin with its plastic in the air.

Sadly, no one tried to help the mannequin up. I was ready to take a picture of it, too.

Mannequin in New York City

Mannequin Ignored


June 26th, 2008

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