Movie Making in the East Village

Movie Glow in the EV

Movie Making in the East Village

An obnoxious group of know-it-all, could-care-less-about-the-locals, movie makers were out in force on Friday night at the corner of 7th Street and Avenue A near East Village of NYC bar, Niagara. Not only was Avenue A along Tompkins Square Park clogged with movie paraphrenalia from 7th to 10th Street, but First Avenue was swamped, too.

I was glad to not find them in the hood on Saturday.

Happy to download your tax dollars through the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theater and Broadcasting, movie mavens. Rather you weren’t around.

You’re like the bridge-and-tunnel crowd with more entitlement.

Niagara in Lights

Niagara in Lights


June 29th, 2008

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