Governor’s Island Figment Arts Festival

Pink Innertube in Background

Distant, Big, Pink Tube

Last Sunday, EVP took a free ferry trip across New York Harbor to visit Governor’s Island and see the Figment Arts Festival which from June 27-29.

An eclectic arts festival, Figment has everything from performance art and sculpture to painting and a big pink innertube undoubtedly meant to resemble the presence of a large vagina. In addition, another exhibit called “In Site” from The Sculptors Guild was interspersed with Figment (more Figment coverage on the Governor’s Island blog).

At times, it was not clear where The Guild sculpture began and Figment sculpture ended. Our apologies to both orgs for not making the appropriate assignations.

The big vuh j j was not the only visually arresting piece of art on display. A phalanx of little, cement asian or buddha-like people was on the march in a flying-V formation. Though a couple of the little fellas had taken ‘hits’ in the head from the local Governor’s Island birds, the piece was thought-provoking and clever. The creative use of lawn statuary is a passion that EVP staff wishes to pursue in the future.

One distorted, golden-necked, sun sculpture appeared to be spreading its magic over the north end of the green. It was powerful enough to hold off torrential rainstorms until at least mid-afternoon.

Long-necked Sun

Sun in the Lawn

And if you didn’t get enough sculpture from the greens, you could always hike back to the beachhead of the island near the landing for the ferry to view the big sprinkler: the Governor’s Island version of the NYC Waterfalls from Olafur Eliasson.

NYC Waterfalls on Governors Island

Waterfall on Governor’s Island

If you get a chance, make a visit to the least inhabited island in New York City. It’s getting increasingly busy out there but is still an oasis in comparison to the frenzy of the city. This coming Saturday, in fact, the New York Philharmonic may provide and excuse for a visit. They will play a concert on Governors Island’s Parade Grounds at 6:30 PM. According to the Governor’s Island website, the concert and the ferry ride to Governors Island are free and open to the public.

Statuary on Governor's Island

More Little People


July 1st, 2008

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