Statue of Liberty and All Star Game Come To East Village

Chicago White Sox Statue in the East Village of New York City

All-Star Game in the E.V.

The 2008 Major League Baseball All Star Game presented by Froot of the Loom – EVP’s tighty-whiteys of choice** – has come to the East Village of New York City in the form of a 7-foot Statue of Liberty replica festooned in Chicago White Sox logofication.

Froot of the Loom is no doubt excited to be in the East Village in such a prominent location as the corner of 4th Avenue and 14th Street in front of Walgreens. EVP last visited Walgreens in 1989. It may be time to go back and see if the post-Halloween candy corn is still on sale for 3 for a dollar.

The ChiSox statue is not the only MLB Lady Liberty to darken the street corners of NYC. The MLB website has the full details on the Statues of Liberty which you can download here and includes the following locations:

Chicago White Sox East Village, New York City
All-Star Game MLB, 245 Park Avenue
American League Statue of Liberty
Balco Pharmacy New York Harbor
National League Ellis Island
Brooklyn Dodgers Topps, One Whitehall Street
Brian McNamee Yankee Stadium
New York Giants Toys “R” Us, Times Square,1514 Broadway
New York Mets Penn Station, 2 Penn Plaza
Doctors of Baseball Beth Israel Medical Center
Yankee Stadium tribute Yankee Stadium
Atlanta Braves World Financial Center Plaza
Boston Red Sox Sports Museum of America, 26 Broadway
Chicago Cubs 20 Broad Street, near N.Y. Stock Exchange
Corked Bats Sammy Sosa Way, NYC
Pittsburgh Pirates 888 7th Avenue, near Carnegie Hall
St. Louis Cardinals 1290 Ave. of the Americas, near Radio City
Tampa Bay Rays Champs, 5 Times Square


** not a commercial endorsement

New York Harbor Statue of Liberty

New York Harbor Statue of Liberty


July 3rd, 2008

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