Today’s Free Food at Whole Foods on Bowery

Whole Foods on the LES

Lower East Side’s Whole Foods

Today’s visit to “Whole Foods – Bowery” on the Lower East Side at Houston Street and Bowery included an assortment of free, culinary delights – from appetizer straight through to dessert.

EVP has always been impressed with the free food available for sampling. We thought we’d live off of it for one lunchtime meal.


  • Near the sushi counter, saddle up to some fresh-sliced zucchini with a choice of dipping sauces including hummus and ranch dressing. Arrayed behind the zucchini and dips, pick up a new bottle of liquid hummus. Or not. Either way, regularity is your new friend.

Main course

  • Not so fast, regularity. Salsa and chips is today’s main course at Whole Foods. Heavy, bready chips combined with chunky salsa generously infused with fresh vegetables left little doubt – we’re going to need to dessert today.


  • Oh boy. Fresh-made, chocolate chip cookies are the dessert of the day with vegan brownies right near by. Remember – only per customer. EVP recommends bringing friends who’ve just had lunch.

We’d have taken pictures of the brownies and cookies but were informed that there’s no picture-taking at Whole Foods. Evidently, this free food is TOP SECRET!

Main Course: Salsa and Chips

Main Course: Salsa and Chips


July 3rd, 2008

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