Imminence Front: Thompon LES Hotel Awaits Hipsters and Completion

Thompson LES on Allen Street

Big Ugly

The Big Ugly on the Lower East Side known as Thompson LES may open.

Or, it may not.

A street-side view this morning revealed that the gates guarding the front door of the Allen Street side of Jason Pomeranc’s hipster hotel had been removed and men in suits pointed overhead as if they were putting the final touches on their favorite headstone.

By the way
, Jason’s great new commercial from Blackberry reveals his hotels are partially inspired by ancient temples. We also learn that he uses his crackberry for the Internet and it’s an important source of his personal life. Great stuff.

Rest In Peace: Lower East Side

Should we open?

“Should we open?”

Anticipating hip luxury hotels is something EVP relishes and the the thoughtful construction pace of the Big Ugly has provided years of ketchup-like anticipation. Thank goodness for the Thompson LES website and its cool, hip tunes to get us through.

Hotel Chatter’s prediction of a July 22 opening seems possible. If they can just get rid of those darn circular saws in the lobby they’ll be A-O.K.

Darth Vadar Slept Here

Darth Vadar Slept Here

The Foam and Futon, though, can never be replaced in our hearts.

Foam and Futon

Foam and Futon


July 14th, 2008

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