Cafe Himalaya in the East Village

Tonight, the East Village Podcasts team visited Cafe Himalaya on 1st Street between First Avenue and Avenue A in New York City’s East Village.

Cafe Himalaya

Spicy Potato and Cauliflower Salad

It had been a while since our last visit to the Cafe, and we looked forward to more good food with this encore. For what it’s worth, the Cafe, which has both tables and comfy couches and chairs for seating, offers Himalayan food from the Darjeeling region right next to Tibet. Evidently, they eat quite well in Darjeeling if the evening’s festivities were to be any indication.

The dining began with a honey-flavored “ice” which, for some reason, was the only flavor available among several listed on the menu according to our waiter. Fortunately, that’s all we needed. These are delicious – a bit like a slushy from 7-Eleven – but much tastier.

It’s strange that honey isn’t used more often in iced desserts or iced drinks – it’s sweet and almost fruity. We sucked it down completely with little care for the fact that we were making a loud obnoxious noise in a quiet restaurant and the salad had not even arrived yet.

Next up was a salty potato and cauliflower salad flavored with a spicy pepper sauce. In that it is a cold dish, the salad and the ice were a nice fit for a warm summer East Village evening. In no time, the salad had disappeared, too.

Finally, a curry chicken dish was delivered by our efficient waiter. The dish reminded us of other curry dinners we’ve enjoyed in the “chain” of Indian restaurants on and near 6th Street in the East Village. Though not necessarily as original as the first two items of the evening, the warm curried chicken poured over a bowl of light, white rice was pleasing and left us incapable of further ingestion of Himalayan cuisine.

All told, the meal cost $22 per person. A good deal for a good meal. Go forth and Himalaya.


July 16th, 2008

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