Measuring Astor Place and Mosaic Man Planter

Shade Cube with Tubes

Cube and Mosaic Man Planter

Today’s journey took us to the heart of Astor Place with its famous cube, Alamo by Bernard Rosenthal, and a planter from Jim Power.

Also, in the Cube plaza were a group of people furtively measuring Astor Place for “something.” Not sure what they were up to… maybe it was another movie extravaganza. Or maybe it has to do with the CB2 & CB3’s Astor Place Joint Task Force. With another Community Board 3 Monthly Meeting less than a week away, we hope to learn more details.

Mosaic Man Planter

Mosaic Man Planter

As for the planter, it’s a beauty which needs plants, and it brought to mind the question of.. how is Jim Power, the Mosaic Man? After a bit of research, he’s not so good.

The Mosaic Man is in need of funds and is looking to raise $1,000.

Jim is a Vietnam veteran and in addition to apparently having financial difficulties, he has a bad hip .

According to one of the Mosaic Man’s blogs, he evidently auctioned off storage locker contents including some tools yesterday among other items.

Mosaic Man Planter

Mosaic Man Planter – NYPD

Mosaic Man Planter

Planter Needs Plants



July 16th, 2008

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