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Summer Rolls – yum!

A unique benefit of our recently-held role at a local NYC company was an introduction to the concept of having our lunchtime meal catered by Maggie’s Meals once or twice each week. Fresh-cooked with fresh ingredients, the “Maggie” in Maggie’s Meals serves up a delicious and hearty meal – often with a vietnamese flair.

One of our favorite meals, and the most fun, is something Maggie, who is the one woman engine of Maggie’s Meals, calls “Goi Cuon” or “Summer rolls.”

Pictured above, the meal comes in its requisite parts: a pile of delicious shrimp, fresh cilantro, green onions and bibb lettuce, peanut sauce, sprouts and the wafer-y shell. (Can’t overemphasize the word “fresh” enough with these eats. Fresh, fresh, fresh.) The eater puts it all together and rolls their own succulent vietnamese-style burritos (our word).

Eating Goi Cuon

Eating Goi Cuon

The do-it-yourself meal is more the exception though at Maggie’s Meals which offers a broad selection of tasty courses from Vietnamese-style pork meatballs to Shepherd’s Pie to fresh-cooked salmon steak. All meals are delivered directly to your company’s doorstep by “The Maggie” with directions on heating as necessary.

The menus are always rotating – you just need to get on the mailing list by dropping Maggie an email (maggie at maggiesmeals dot com>, and she’ll let you know what’s available in the coming week and the associated costs. If you have a larger gathering, she can take care of that, too. Maggie evidently doesn’t need a lot of sleep.

EVP highly recommends Maggie’s Meals as a unique, New York City catering experience offering quality and convenience to individuals who are tired of the local lunchtime fare near their place of business.


July 20th, 2008

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