Trees and Leaves of the East Village

East Village Tree Leaf

East Village Tree Leaf

A favorite East Village Podcasts summertime crash zone is the little park within the towers of the Village View public housing project between First Avenue and Avenue A, and 4th and 6th Streets.

The remarkably tall trees create a pleasant canopy for kickin’ back and wondering what more on Earth we could need than the East Village on a sunny, summer afternoon… – well, might be nice if someone hosed down the sidewalk brownies left by the local dog population before the afternoon temps hit 90, but we hate to quibble.

Pondering further, with all these trees around, one may wonder what genre of deciduous trees gather in the East Village and the Village View park, specifically? A trusted source led EVP to believe that Sycamore and Silver Linden trees abound in our neighborhood so we grabbed a fallen leaf (pictured above) and headed back to the EVP labs for investigation.

According to the Central Park NYC website, the Silver Linden emits “a wonderful honeysuckle-like aroma.” We can confirm that this aroma has never been sniffed by our editorial team but we believe that this is due to allergies which have historically inhibited our sense of smell during the honeysuckle-like smelling season.

And after looking at a picture of the Silver Linden and our tree in question (below), it would appear that shade trees in the Village View park are not Silver Linden, which are large bushy trees.

Village View Trees

Village View Trees

So it must be a Sycamore? Yes, Tiny Tim, our best guess is that those are Sycamore trees, one of New York City’s popular “street” trees as the NY Site West Site Guide confirms. We believe the pointy, three-pronged, maple leaf-like leaves are a giveaway. Another possibility is the London Planetree but the leaves don’t seem to match what we’re using for comparison.

The guide goes into further detail, “The American Sycamore has 1 seed ball hanging on a long stalk. The London Planetree usually has 2 seedballs hanging on one stalk.” Ladies and gentlemen, East Village trees have balls, there is no doubt. Our tree in question appears to be the single nutsack version – in latin this is called solo nutsacko.

Inspired, we headed back to our favorite East Village summer spot in the Village View compound for contemplation. And, after 15 minutes, we left.

If only they allowed nude barbecues with drugs, alcohol and stick games, we’d have considered staying longer.

Village View

Don’t Bathe Nude!


July 21st, 2008

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