July 2008 Community Board 3 Meeting: More Bars on the Way!

Community Board 3We must have more bars! And, oh.. is there a microphone somewhere?

Dominic Pisciotta, CB3’s new board chair, presided over July’s Full Community Board 3 gathering last night with District Manager, Susan Stetzer, in a meeting that was nearly inaudible unless you sat within two rows of the Board. Maybe that’s the idea? During the proceedings, oblivious electrical contractors added to the atmosphere as they continued to upgrade the auditorium facilities.

Pisciotta replaced bar owner, David McWater, whose conflict-of-interest has been well-documented, but now, with little need to be concerned about remaining even-handed in meting out board business, McWater sparred from the aisles of IS 131 at 100 Hester Street (Eldridge & Forsyth Sts) and nearly managed to railroad approval of Mitchell Banchik’s SLA license for the old mission at 114-116 3rd Ave between 13th and 14th Streets. McWater reasoned that it was “in the interest of economic stability” and an improved alternative to another Starbucks or big box store.

Mitchell Banchik’s current, successful “let’s get wasted” bars include Gin Mill, Jake’s Dilemma and Down The Hatch in the Village (click here to see the slogan for this bar: “Celebrating 15 years of Debauchery.”). Yee ha! Thanks Community Board 3 for sticking up for the community!

In fairness, a second motion – not from McWater – pushed the license process back to the SLA committee. There appears to be a somewhat, silent minority in Community Board 3 – which may include Stetzer – that does not agree with McWater, but he holds such sway with certain members that they’ll do whatever he says. Sad.

In other CB3 meeting news…

Residents near Heather’s on 13th Street between Avenues A and B are tired of the noise. According to residents, Heather sounds like she’s pretty unresponsive except when she’s dragged in front of the Community Board. The Community (as opposed to the Community Board) is looking forward to Heather’s next license approval.

The annual Community Board BBQ at Gracie Mansion is tonight at 530, rain or shine – there will be tents.

Rosie Mendez is sponsoring a rat walk-through – you get to see where all the good rats are.

Deborah Glick’s rep said that she is looking into building more schools now that there are new, large buildings in the area. We wondered if this meant Glick thought the Cooper Square Hotel, Thompson LES and The Bowery Hotel were going to bring new students.

311” tracking was explained by Susan Stetzer. It appears the city still does not disseminate complaints to community boards efficiently. It goes through a couple of precincts and then to the board depending on the agency associated with the complaint.

This Thursday at 6 p.m., Webster Hall is holding a “Meet the Neighbors” shindig with Village Pourhouse, Nevada Smith and others in an effort to reach out to the community and address recent complaints. No word on whether there will be an open bar.

The Astor Place Task Force (in existence for 20 years) revealed itself a little bit – we say a “little bit” because there is apparently, no visual diagram on exactly what is going to happen, but Committee Chair, David Crane, will be happy to explain it you. We’d like to see a diagram on the CB3 website. (hint, hint, hint)

Finally, another highlight of the meeting was review of the application for a Turkish restaurant at 13th and A. It appears that there is a CB3 law that won’t allow similar establishments within 500 feet (but if it’s a bar, now that’s another story). So, the restaurant owner changed their food category to “European Eclectic” and defended her restaurant’s SLA approval in-person and in stylish Dior glasses. No word yet on whether her efforts made it through the CB3 SLA gauntlet.

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July 23rd, 2008

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  • 1. Jerky  |  July 24th, 2008 at 1:19 am

    Yeah, another Starbucks would be great. Maybe a Chase bank too would be nice…both would really add to the character of the neighborhood, especially if it had a lounge with free popcorn for the NIMBY’s!!!

    I vote for the vomitorium. Especially if it has hot underage girls.


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