Cooper Union Windows Now Open For Business

Eastern Facade of New Cooper Union – 7/30/08

Thom Mayne‘s new Cooper Union building has now opened its windows for business. We’re not exactly sure how the windows will work with the interior – doesn’t seem clear on Mayne’s Morphosis’ website. We can’t imagine 6-foot movable windows or shutters in the plan for this building on Third Avenue between Sixth and Seventh Streets, but who knows?

Cooper Union student in 2010: “Can somebody open a window? It’s hot in here!”

Maybe it’s part of the green design partially outlined on GreenBuildingsNYC recently.

Of the four facades, the eastern facade is the most complete but hardly finished. Yet, this building has come along way in just over a year.. remember when it was just beginning to bubble?

Meanwhile, a rumor was floated by a couple of people seen leaving the Cooper Square Hotel that the scaffolding will be taken down in two weeks. This is entirely hearsay at this point – we didn’t ask how they knew -nor did they know we were listening.

EVP ears are always open for East Village news.

From the looks of the Cooper Square Hotel insides from the outside, this hotel is months away from opening. October would be lucky.

More Cooper Union photo pics…

New Cooper Union

Northern Facade of New Cooper Union – 7/30/08
NW Corner of New Cooper Union

NW Corner of New Cooper Union – 7/30/08


July 30th, 2008

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