My Effortless Briliance and Drew and the Medicinal Pen

Drew and the Medicinal Pen

Drew and the Medicinal Pen

Friday night took EVP to Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the lawn of Automotive High School on Bedford Avenue for a doubleheader of entertainment headlined with the feature film, “My Effortless Briliance.”

We love the idea of an automotive high school. Let’s drive!

Drew and the Medicinal Pen

The evening began with a set from Drew and the Medicinal Pen presented by Sound Fix Records.

Drew and his crew’s pleasing, bouncy tunes kept restless butts in their seats. Perhaps, it was the medicinal pen?

OK, sure, maybe people were not getting up for fear of losing their seat, but the band received a well-deserved round of applause at the end of the set. Cynical moviegoers don’t usually clap, so that’s a good sign.

With an imminent tour ahead that includes most of the Northeast, we wish Drew and the Medicinal Pen well and hope they sell a lot of t-shirts and CD’s to pay for the gas.

My Effortless Briliance

Inside Automotive High School

Inside Automotive High School

Next up was Rooftop Films‘ feature presentation, My Effortless Briliance, directed by Lynn Shelton from the great state of Washington. The film’s stars included Sean Nelson, Basil Harris and Calvin Reeder.

Mr. Nelson’s portrayal of the self-centered prick and novelist Eric Lambert Jones was effective and reminiscent of many, current New York City inhabitants. Our guess is that there could not have been a more perfect demographic for viewing this film last evening, and the crowd responded with appreciative recognition of their pathetic lives.

Clever throughout, the “script” remained unpredictable as we kept waiting for cliche such as someone’s head being blown off (horror film-style) – or maybe something Brokeback Mount-ian. Giddy up.

But, the movie stayed its course and humorously explored a complex friendship between two guys who are friends in real-life, too, as we learned in the Q&A with Lynn Shelton after the film.

Ms. Shelton also revealed the fast-paced banter of the film was entirely improv though the dialogue was discussed prior to shooting each scene. If we were directing films, that’s the kind of script we’d want so that we could say to the actors, “Get out there and act! That’s what I’m paying you for – move! Say something! And, don’t say anything stupid – this film is expensive! Here, have another Slim Jim.”

My Effortless Brlliance begins on IFC Festival Direct on August 13. If you do not have IFC Festival Direct – we do not – we hope that it comes to a theater or cable channel near you. From start to finish, My Effortless Brilliance was a smartly-paced, thoughtful and entirely engaging film. Congrats to all involved.

And now, for your listening pleasure, a snippet from Drew and The Medicinal Pen’s set…


August 2nd, 2008

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