Dance Tracks Only $9,500 Per Month – Negotiable!

Dance Tracks

The old Dance Tracks store on 3rd Street between First and Second Avenues has a new, detailed “For Rent” sign.

For $9,500 a month, you can rent 1,200 square feet of attractive rental space in the East Village and get a big, purple awning that says “Dance Tracks.” The price is “negotiable,” too.

It would appear this space is having difficulty finding a new tenant in that its been months since the space was vacated.

Is it the price? Has the landlord driven potential tenants away? Is the NYC commercial rental market cratering? Is that the sky falling?

This is the East Village, after all. This space should be worth millions!

Prediction: this will either become a nail salon or wine store (our original prediction). A combo might work. We like our wine after a mani/pedi.

Dance Tracks with Awning

Dance Tracks with Awning


August 10th, 2008

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