Outdoor Dining in the East Village: Royale and Cheeseburgers

Cheeseburgers Under The Sky

Well-known among East Village burger aficionados, Royale’s fame has only grown in the past year. The Royale with cheese (a straight-up, juicy cheeseburger on a fresh bun) is divine.

The restaurant formerly-known-as-Seymour-Burton tried to beat it (and then got “offed” by the Health Department); Zaitzeff burgers on Avenue B tried; and Black Iron Burger will try – but (likely) the best burger around will remain under the roof and sky of Royale on Avenue C and 10th Street.

A recent visit to the hamburger restaurant/bar brought into focus another pleasurable part of the dining experience: the “sky” part – the backyard or garden.

Now, many East Village restaurants aspire to the outdoor dining experience, and we agree with some who suggest that sitting in front of certain East Village restaurants – such as Frank’s on Second Avenue – is like agreeing to order M15 bus exhaust for your app, main course and dessert.

Patio Furniture Awaits

Patio Furniture Awaits

But, at Royale, a key component of any pleasant, East Village, outdoor dining experience exists: the eating needs to be in the back of the building, not on the curb.

Not only that, if it rains, a handy awning is unrolled by the attentive staff and covers the garden seating area to protect burger eaters and beer drinkers from inclement weather. Nobody likes a soggy burger.

Editor’s note: EVP meant to take a few, nice photos of the burgers at Royale, but when the burgers arrived, suffice it to say that the staff lost all focus and dove face-first into its Royales with cheese (with cheddar, medium please). Below, you see the last few bites of a Royale cheeseburger which comes topped with bibb lettuce and slices of tomato and red onion – all for only $7.

Half-eaten Royale Cheeseburger

Half-eaten Royale Cheeseburger

So, if you’re in the East Village and looking for outdoor eats, don’t believe the hype. Tasty and pleasurable outdoor eating experiences can be had in the E.V.

Try Royale for starters.

Half-eaten Royale Cheeseburger

Royale Retractable Roof – Just Like the Big Leagues


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August 10th, 2008

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