Cass McCombs and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson at R2R Festival

South Street Seaport and the River to River Festival

River to River Festival at South Street Seaport

Much to our enjoyment (but probably not the sponsors), a small-ish crowd turned out at last Friday’s River To River Festival at South Street Seaport and was treated to free performances from two strong guitarists and their bands: Cass McCombs and Brooklyn’s Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson.

Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (Hey how about calling yourselves “MBAR”? Just a thought.) led off the evening just before sunset. The singer/guitarist with two middle names cranked out a 45-minute set with his accomplished band. No doubt Robinson can play the guitar, but it doesn’t hurt that his supporting players can fill out the melodies.

It’s great to see young bands get exposure on a larger stage and the energy level of the performance reflected this. Robinson and his band are featured in the latest issue of Spin.

Listening to Tunes at South Street Seaport

Listening to Tunes at South Street Seaport

After sunset, Cass McCombs, with a drummer and bass player, put on a tight show though he seemed less engaged with the crowd. Perhaps the size of the audience did not thrill him – or maybe that’s his style. Laid back. Way laid back.

Either way, McCombs and his group jetted through tunes featuring his artistry on the guitar and playful lyrics. McCombs album, “Dropping The Writ” from Domino Records, was on many “best of” lists for 2007 according to the R2R website.

Here for your listening and viewing pleasure are brief clips from each artist:


FDR Drive and South Street Seaport

The FDR and South Street Seaport on Friday


August 14th, 2008

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