Outdoor Dining in the East Village: Paquitos and Mexican Food

Paquitos Patio

Outdoor Dining at Paquito’s Restaurant

It’s clearing up outside!

A perfect time for another in our series of articles on pleasant, outdoor, East Village dining experiences.

Last night took EVP and company to Paquito’s on 1st Avenue between and 8th and 9th Streets for inexpensive Mexican cuisine. If only it hadn’t rained, we would have eaten in one of the top, affordable E.V. gardens con dining around – but we still have photos!

For over 11 years, Paquito’s Restaurant has been serving up everything from nachos to frozen Mango margaritas. Though many may gripe that NYC does not have decent Mexican or Tex-Mex fare, Paquitos cheap eats rarely fail us whether eating in the restaurant or on their relaxing patio – or via home delivery.

And, even though our drink of choice on this evening was Tecate beer, be advised that we heartily recommend the margaritas which tend to pack a wallop and are available by the pitcher. It will be important that you maintain reasonable sobriety by drinking water – order a pitcher of that, too.

Feeling the need for meat last evening, Chorizo nachos were ordered by the team with black beans and drizzled with the customary white cheese (whatever cheese that is). Hearty, salty, meaty.. we liked-ed it. But, we should have gone for the leafier version of the nachos to balance the delicious sausage.

Nachos at Paquitos

Nachos at Paquitos Restaurant

“Circle of EVP” member, Cindy, had an enchilada with black beans and rice that called to us like a curvaceous, latina siren. In fact, it looked better than our nachos, but Cindy never stepped away from the table so we couldn’t steal anything.

Enchiladas at Paquitos

Enchiladas at Paquitos Restaurant

The final total: $52 for nachos, enchiladas, four Tecate, tax & tip.

If only it hadn’t rained, we would have enjoyed one of the best outdoor dining experiences in the East Village.

The indoor experience isn’t bad either – just not as exceptional.

The Outdoor Seating at Paquitos

The Outdoor Seating at Paquitos Restaurant


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August 15th, 2008

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