Update: Burgers, Curtains, Glass, HBO

Black Iron Burger

Ketchup ready. Burgers next?


The long-awaited debut of yet-another-East-Village-burger-place draws nigh.

The ketchup bottles – and mustard – are out at Black Iron Burger on East 5th Street.

When we first told you about our initial encounter with Black Iron Burger, it appeared that an opening was only weeks away. Weeks have turned into months as the eatery’s ownership appears to have money to burn.

Maybe they’ve been perfecting the burger recipe to take on the likes of the cheeseburger at Royale?

With the Olympics almost complete, all eyes turn to Black Iron Burger.

Black Iron Burger

Black Iron Burger


Over on Bowery, construction crews continue to build the western wall of the East Village and Carlos Zapata’s THE Cooper Square Hotel now has curtains.

The Cooper Square Hotel Curtains

Curtains for The CSH


Say, what’s going on behind those curtains? EVP thinks we’ll all have to wait until October.. maybe November for an opening. That’s our guess anyway.


Cooper Union’s latest addition is glass. Are curtains next?


Finally, from what we can see after a brief tour of the hood this afternoon, the HBO movie crews have evacuated the area after a full takeover chronicled by Neither More Nor Less of East 4th and 5th Streets and adjoining avenues for several days.

Good riddance.

Movie Cone

Movie Truck with Cone


August 21st, 2008

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