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Kate’s Restaurant Interior
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Though our carnivorous roots revolted against vegetarian options of the East Village in New York City eons ago, time has moved us to embrace food that is good for our bodies and to enjoy its inherent miracles of regularity.

In our humble opinion, near the top among many veggie restaurants in the EV is Kate’s Joint – to some just “Kate’s” – at 58 Avenue B and 4th Street.

Stark in appearance from the sidewalk, upon entering Kate’s, it’s still stark, but it has big, clear windows – and everybody looks healthy in there, so why not sit down and be healthy?

And so on Saturday afternoon, we did.

To Begin

Arriving in advance of our brunch mate, we were seated at a typical Kate’s table which one might find at a local pizza parlor with simple, padded chairs. Kate’s doesn’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to interior decoration.

The staff didn’t seem to mind that our party had not fully arrived and we made ourselves at home with cool, “fresh” lemonade to start. Not everyone can do fresh lemonade in the East Village beyond a sugar-infused glass of Wyler’s or Nestea lemonade. Even though the Kate’s serveuse said that it was fresh, the lemonade was dull and unremarkable as we waited vainly for the tart punch of fresh lemons.

Whatever. We were still enjoying ourselves. After our friend arrived, it was time to order.

The regular full menu was still available, but we assimilated and decided to go for the weekend, brunch specialties which included breakfast burritos made with eggs and dairy products in spite of the offer of the “full monty” vegan option with tofu eggs and non-dairy cheese.

Regarding our use of dairy products, you can take the man out of the cow, but you can’t take the cow out of the man. Write it down!

Our brunch mate chose another brunch menu option, Huevos Rancheros, and had a brief, vegan discussion with our serveuse about vegan stuff. Not sure what they said, but it was all very exciting.


Within 5 minutes, one of our two dutiful servers brought us the goods.

Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito


The breakfast burrito was as good as it looked – might have needed a little hot sauce which was available, but we were too hungry to wait. We engulfed and saw the light.

Hearty and filling, there was no need to scramble for a slice of pizza after we finished licking the plate. The small helping of greens and fresh, chopped tomato provided refreshing balance to our starch and carb fix.

Our brunch mate gave raves to his Huevos Rancheros which had been tricked out with vegan options including the aforementioned tofu eggs. After a short while, only vegan memories remained.

Vegetarian Huevos Rancheros


Make no mistake, though. It’s not all mineral water and lemonade at Kate’s which has a full bar available to all diners and there’s a separate bar space with daily happy hour.

East Village vegetarians don’t like to be left high and dry. Cancel that – they don’t like to be left dry.

The Final Analysis

With tax, tip, two lemonades and two brunch items, the bill was $30. Kate’s restaurant is a good deal and good for you – ahhh.


August 22nd, 2008

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