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It’s official friends and neighbors of the East Village. Change has arrived in the bearded form of Daniel Squadron who handily defeated the incumbent Martin Connor in the Tuesday primary for the District 25 State Senate seat.

And for those of you who did not go to the debates between Squadron and Connor – which is still available on YouTube from Gotham Gazette – it was a battle of young (Squadron is 28) and old (Connor is way older) and every metaphor that flows from there.

We had the good fortune of catching their last debate at St. Francis College on public access and it was a great show. With the general election a formality (who is the Republican candidate? John Chromczak. See the comments!), Daniel Squadron is the new State Senator for District 25.

Now for the question buzzing on the streets of the East Village and LES. How is this going to effect our fun-loving local, Community Board 3? It should be interesting.

Enter Stage Left

In the July CB3 meeting, board member David McWater pointedly asked Martin Connor why Albany was anti-bar. Fight for the bars, Dave! Way to go!

McWater’s ownership of multiple bars in the area and apparent conflict of interest as a CB3 member and former Board Chair has been well-documented over the past several years.

Enter Stage Right

Last week, we received a two-sheet mailing of campaign literature asking us to vote for Daniel Squadron which included Squadron’s “The Villager” editorial entitled, “Community must have a stronger voice on nightlife.” The enclosed cover letter trumpeted Squadron’s “commitment to stopping out of control nightlife” and was signed by Bonnie Hulkower, Rocky Chin and Josephine Maroonick – Chin and Hulkower are CB3 board members.

Given Squadron’s stance and the stance of at least two CB3 insiders, are McWater’s days of ramming through pro-bar support over? Is the river of alcohol-infused commerical establishments at least going to level off?

With close to 40 licenses up for grabs at the SLA meeting this Monday, 9/15, and eventually September 23’s full CB3 meeting, it may be too early to see any changes. But, we hope not.

Mitchell Banchik’s old mission bar has returned after July’s fiasco and Mo Pitkins is back from the dead – to name a few. Ugh.

Monday’s agenda:

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, September 15 – 6:30pm — JASA/Green Residence – 200 East 5th Street at Bowery

Renewal with Complaint History
1. The Box, 189 Chrystie St (op)
2. Mercadito, 179 Ave B (op)
3. Pour House, 64 3rd Ave (op)
4. Carthage Palace, 46 Ave B (op)
Applications within Resolution Areas
5. Pan Asian Bistro, 172 Orchard St (rw)
6. Caffe Pepe Rosso, 127 Ave C (up/op)
9. 102 Ave C Restaurant, 102 Ave C (rw)
10. European Union, 235 E 4th St (alt/extend license)
11. Arrow, 85 Ave A (trans/op)
12. Falai Panetterie, 79 Clinton St (up/op)
13. Mo Pitkins, 34 Ave A (trans/op)
14. Kampuchea Noodle Bar, 78-84 Rivington St (alt/expansion/op)
15. Kush Lounge, 191 Chrystie St (trans/op)
16. Maradona, 188 Allen St (up/op)
17. Isabella’s Oven, 365 Grand St (up/op)
18. Seymour Burton, 511 E 5th St (alt)
19a. Thompson Lower East Side Hotel, 190 Allen St (alt/remove restaurant from hotel license)
19b. Orchard St Restaurant, 190 Allen St (new separate op for restaurant in hotel)

New Liquor License Applications
20. Philly’s Cheese Steak, 191 E Houston St (rw)
21. Mitchell Banchik, 114-116 3rd Ave (op)
22. 8 Rivington Restaurant, 8 Rivington St (op)
23. Sinead Duell, 90 E 10th St (op)
24. Café Partners, 520 2nd Ave (op)
25. Chikalicious Puddin, 204 E 10th St (op)
26. Old Lao San Snack, 2-6 E B’way (rw)
27. New Waloy Snacks, 67B E B’way (eb)
28. Rice Village, 81 Chrystie St (rw)
29. Neway KTV, 90 Eldridge St (op)
30. 417 East 9th St LLC, 417 E 9th St (rw)
32. Mercury Dime, 246 E 5th St (tw)
33. Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese, 345 E 12th St (rw)
34. Famous Sichuan, 10 Pell St (rw)
35. E 10th St LLC, 441 E 12th St (rw)
36. Emperor Japanese Tapas, 96 Bowery (op)
37. Suimon, 412-414 E 9th St (rw)
38. Cookout Grill, 214 1st Ave (rw)
39. Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie St (op)
40. Gesundheit, 290 Grand St (op)
41. Persimmon LLC, 277 E 10th St (rw)

op=full liquor rw=restaurant wine eb=eating place beer tw=tavern wine alt=alterations trans=transfer up=upgrades


September 11th, 2008

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