Marion’s Continental Is Back

Marions Continental Is Back

Marion’s Continental In NYC

It appears that the sliver-sized bar, Marion’s Continental at 354 Bowery between Great Jones & E. 4th Streets, is back with: drinks now, food later.

An early evening walk revealed the news regarding this East Village / NoHo mainstay as an eye-level sign read: “Our bar is open Wednesday thru Saturday. Our kitchen will be serving soon.”

According to Eater, back in August, Marion’s was shuttered by the original owners which included Marion’s son and his business partner, Michael. More detail on the closing is on the old Marion’s website which continues to carry the torch.

Obviously, with the growing hotel business in the neighborhood, there is huge potential for a kitschy bar like Marion’s. Whether the mixology of the new version will match the Marion’s of the recent past, time will tell.

The true test may come in the form of martinis… can they be half as good as those served during the sliver’s heyday?

Marions Continental Is Back

Marions Continental Is Back


September 30th, 2008

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