New York Marble Cemetery Opens

New York Marble Cemetery

As part of Open House New York (OHNY), New York Marble Cemetery opened Saturday and Sunday to anyone interested in learning more about the rarely seen graveyard. This cemetery is different than the New York CITY Marble Cemetery (previously covered here) which is only a block away. With its entrance at 41-1/2 Second Avenue in New York City’s East Village, it’s easy to walk by and not realize that a peaceful, historic setting lies behind the front gates.

Among the famous people that have found their final resting place were founders of NYU. President Monroe also spent a night at New York Marble Cemetery before being interred at New York City Marble Cemetery.

A good trivia tidbit: there are likely 250,000 heirs to this property. Caroline DuBois, a cemetery Trustee, provides a short backgrounder on the Second Avenue version of Marble Cemetery in the following video:


New York Marble Cemetery

New York Marble Cemetery


October 6th, 2008

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