Green Roof in the East Village of New York City – Alive Structures

Another East Village destination from last weekend’s Open House New York (OHNY) festivities was The Wild Project at 195 East Third Street between Avenues A and B.

The space is a converted one-story manufacturing building that has been transformed into an 89-seat theater below and one of the few, New York City, truly “green” roofs, above. With 4-inches of soil spread across the 2,000 square-foot roof, Marni Horwitz and her team at Alive Structures has transformed the tarpaper into a unique, rooftop prototype for green, urban environment strategists.

Green roof trivia tidbit: 4″ of soil allows the roof to maintain ambient temperatures. If it was just tarpaper, temperatures can hit 180 degrees making the A/C in the theater beneath the roof work harder, cost more, spill more bad pollution mojo into the atmosphere, etc.

Horwitz provides details about the roof and its benefits in the video above.


October 8th, 2008

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