East Village/Lower East Side Rezoning Plan Visits City Hall

New York City Council Hearing

New York City Council Hearing
on the Rezoning Plan

Wednesday morning, the New York City Council began its public hearing of the long-awaited, much discussed, sometimes hated, sometimes loved East Village/Lower East Side Rezoning Plan.

East Village Podcasts visited the seat of New York City government to see if the excitement from this past summer’s public hearing by the New York City Planning Commission could be outdone. If cursory appearances were to be believed, the communities involved in the proposed rezoned area – and those who weren’t but wanted to be (Chinatown) – had less of a presence than before.

During the morning hearing, Councilmembers Rosie Mendez and Alan Gerson, who have their own Wikipedia entries, took a prominent role in guiding the proceedings. A council staff member suggested that the plan could come up for a vote with the City Council next week.

Outside council chambers, we were able to catch up with two people from opposing sides of the plan.

First, Daniel Squadron, the newly-elected State Senator of the 25th District, voiced his approval of the proposed rezoning effort. The literally fast-talking State Senate-elect has a future as an auctioneer should he leave politics. Squadron, in voicing his support, also indicated the need to include those who felt they were left out of the rezoning process in the first go-round.

Stanley Mark, an attorney from the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, expressed dissent for the plan and said that among the plan’s shortcomings was the affordable housing component which many of Chinatown’s residents could still not afford.

To hear Squadron and Mark’s views, click the video below:

More stories on the East Village / Lower East Side Rezoning Plan: The Villager, The New York Times

Update: Rezoning plan approved by City Council (NYC Planning)


November 13th, 2008

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