East Village Restaurants Win; Hookah Bars, Too

If you want to open a restaurant, try the East Village of NYC or so says the data compiled by Zubin Jelveh of Portfolio.com. You’re more likely to get a media review – especially by Frank Bruni of the New York Times – by locating it here. Just not necessarily a good one. (See Kurve review.)

Portfolio.com’s Jeveh used data from the restaurant directory, Menupages, and was able to discover still more insights on the East Village’s leadership position.

East Village Restaurants

The East Village “leads the league” in restaurants – period!

For CB3 committee chair, Alexandar Militano, and her State Liquor Authority & Department of Consumer Affairs Licensing committee, which includes former Board Chair, David McWater, this graph can’t be a surprise. Nor can it surprise District Manager, Susan Stetzer. But how about this?

We recently sent our East Village Podcasts research team into the field for a similar analysis of the East Village… into the “hookah zone,” as we like to call it.

The bar charts tell the story. The East Village is dominant in NYC when it comes to hookah bars.

Hookah Bars in New York City

Incredibly, the East Village dominates in hookah bars per square mile worldwide, too.

Hookah Bars Worldwide

How about London beating Berlin? Good job, EVP research team.

More on East Village Hookah bars:


November 19th, 2008

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