2 Cooper Square in the East Village

2 Cooper Square, East Village, New York City

It’s another, “big ugly.”

2 Cooper Square is bubbling at the corner of 4th Street and Bowery and the walls around the foundation are in place – including the beams that appear to be holding up the north end of the pit.

Originally conceived by Atlantic Development according to the Villager from a couple of years ago and currently offered through Mogull Realty, this suh-weet looking building is just in time for the downturn in the NYC housing market.

Hey, how about Kim Mogull of Mogull Realty? The Sarah Palin of Real Estate? We see the similarity. Somebody get Tina Fey on this deal, stat!

The big question is… what will happen first: 2 Cooper Square will have its first tenant OR The Cooper Square Hotel will have its first real guest? (Oh surrrrrrre The CSH is going to open on December 11. Uh huh.)

No time like the present for an exclusive EVP poll:

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2 Cooper Square, East Village, New York CIty


December 1st, 2008

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