Breaking News: East Village Blizzard Hits!

Village View and Streetlights

This looks like a big one!

Might be… Could be… Yes….. looks like it might be about an inch of snow before it all turns to rain. But, along with our apoplectic local weather people, EVP is holding out hope for white winter weather throughout the day. It’s the holidays after all, and the Mayor says we’re ready so let’s put him to the test.

Across the street from the Village View apartments, East Village residents scurried down Fourth Street to Key Food for provisions where Spam and head cheese remain in abundant supply.

Excited Christmas tree sellers in front of Rite Aid on First Avenue have discounted their trees to $10 per foot. 4 foot tree for $40! And, if you take the dead trees off their hands, it gets even cheaper. Want just a branch? Here, take two.

Local hardware store, Brickman’s, reported that shovels are not flying out the door, yet. They’ve got a special titanium shovel on sale that will allow you to enjoy East Village snow removal from the sidewalk to the hoods of limousines standing in front of your favorite East Village buildings.

Last but not least, the unofficial East Village of New York City snow meter is now showing close to one inch of accumulation with more expected unless someone cleans off the top of the newspaper stand.. then the counting starts all over again. (WAH-wah.)

Blizzard 2008 in the East Village


December 19th, 2008

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  • 1. Pamela  |  December 20th, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    Enjoyed your play-by-play. I too walked about the ‘hood on Friday, wish I’d taken a picture or video of the guy in the mini-shovel-machine-thingy, dashing about the Village View sidewalks. I’m from California and had never seen one of those before. Or the guy pushing the little salt-barrow, spreading salt on the sidewalks. I measured 3″ on a covered trashcan around 2pm. Fun!


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