Bond Street Chocolate – An East Village Chocolate Shop

Live in the East Village?

Have a chocolate “problem”?

The methadone clinic isn’t going to be able to help you this time.

63 East 4th Street is now home to the sweet chocolate treats of Chef Lynda Stern who has opened Bond Street Chocolate on the-fabulous-block-currently-known-as Fourth Arts Block.

A New York City native, Chef Stern and her staff – primarily her industrious husband and relatives – have crafted a perfect candy wrapper for her unique chocolates with the opening of the small but mighty East 4th Street store. Over-indulgence and cavities for many East Village residents are likely imminent, as is more business for the local dentist economy.

Ever bitten the head off a chocolate Buddha with gold-leaf trim? You will now. Surely, there’s a religious group in Denmark holding street protests in response. Nevertheless, we congratulate Chef Stern and look forward to more metal in our mouth.

To view the exclusive EVP interview with Chef Stern and the Bond Street Chocolate team, click below:

Chef Stern adds that she considered changing the name of her business to East 4th Street Chocolate but decided to remain with the moniker that is most familiar to her current wholesale chocolate customer base.

For more information on Bond Street Chocolate, visit their website. No Ecommerce on the website, yet. It’s all “coming soon,” says Chef Lynda.

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December 29th, 2008

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