4th Street Food Co-Op Offers Community, Hemp, More

4th Street Food Co-Op in the East Village
The East Village lives – vegetarian style!

Though we enjoy vegetarian food, our cheeseburger interests have precluded any strict adoption of a more vegan lifestyle. However, if we were vegan, we’d start our shopping at the friendly confines of the 4th Street Food Co-op at 58 E. 4th Street in New York City’s East Village (actually, we’ll shop there regardless).

Lippe, the manager, and the Wednesday morning member volunteers including Virginia, Ken and Lea recently gave EVP a thorough tour of the store which is stocked to the ceiling with food of the Earth and an endless supply of anarchistic, community thinking.

Fear not, white-collar-former-Wall-Streeters-living-on-six-months-severance. This is good anarchy. Everyone has a “say.” So before you leave town, make sure to stop by for some hemp bliss (yeah, baby!), organic ricemilk or sunchokes. Tell ’em, EVP sent you.

Click below for the video!

As Virginia told us, one of the key differentiators between this and other co-operatives, such as the baby strollerbot co-op in Park Slope, is that the 4th Street Food Co-op welcomes all shoppers to its on Fourth Arts Block location. There’s no “Co-op” cop at the door to shoo away non-members – just come right in and get your weekly supply of Turkish figs.

If you want to become a member for a small fee ($25) and partake in healthy discounts for healthy food, even better. Working members who put in a couple of hours each week receive 20% off, non-working members get 8% off. Check out the their website for details.

You can’t get Kale cooking suggestions from the automated cashier at Key Food. Visit the 4th Street Food Co-op to see the East Village in action today.

East Village's 4th Street Food Co-Op Manager

4th Street Food Co-Op in the East Village of NYC


January 26th, 2009

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  • 1. Dale  |  January 30th, 2009 at 7:50 am

    Hey I loved this video on the 4th St. Food Co-op. The people were interesting and funny.

    The editing was terrific! Loved that you didn’t cut into the difficulty of getting the security gate up. Putting Ken on the spot to define anarchistic produced a pretty good definition. And Virginia was excellent on the etymology of Sunchokes.


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