Happy Days Are/Is at WOW Cafe in the East Village

Samuel Becketts Happy Days produced by Intentional TheaterMiriam Eusebio’s Intentional Theater company has intentionally decided to offer an upcoming production of Samuel Beckett’s “Happy Days” at WOW Cafe Theater located at 59-61 East 4th Street.

With show dates running from February 26 to March 21, Miriam and actors Asta Hansen and Dale Fuller have been bending like Beckett in rehearsals for many weeks. The play itself involves the relationship of Willie and Winnie – and if we told you anymore, the Beckett estate might get angry. EVP was denied the right to film one second of the show in rehearsal. But, no problem – we can work with you Sammy.

Suffice it to say that any character that gets buried up to its neck will likely resonate with theatergoers in these economically and politically turbulent times. But, those looking for Richie Cunningham or the Fonz will be disappointed.

View the following video about the play’s participants and a Fourth Arts Block stalwart, WOW Cafe Theatre.

MIriam Eusebio of Intentional Theater at WOW Cafe Theatre

Dale Fuller of Intentional Theater at WOW Cafe Theatre

Asta Hansen of Intentional Theater at WOW Cafe Theatre


February 5th, 2009

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