New York Neo-Futurists: Great Plays for 37 Cents Each

New York Neo-FuturistsIf you have ever found yourself caged in the audience of a particularly boring Broadway play or musical, the New York Neo-Futurists have the answer.

With plays lasting no more than 3 minutes tops, there’s bound to be something which will float your theatrical boat over the course of their whirlwind 60-minute production.

Need more? Ticket prices start at $11, so depending on how you roll one of their dice at the front door, your admission results in a per play cost of around 37 cents – an East Village of NYC theatrical stimulus package if we’ve ever heard of one.

Click here to see the EVP video:

Performing below KGB Bar in the Kraine Theater at 85 East 4th Street, the 14-member ensemble divvies up the responsibilities every Friday and Saturday night as 5-8 members take to the stage at 10:30 p.m. and perform an ever-changing roster of new, often humorous, plays.

NYNF members Rob Neill and Erica Livingston informed us that the theatrical troupe originated in Chicago 20 years ago and today’s East Village of New York City version started on the local stage 5 years ago. Future plans for the NY version include selling out (the theater) and expanding education in their subversive, Neo-Futurist ways. Diabolical!

Disclaimer: If you hate being pulled from the audience during a production to perform as one of the cast, not to worry. It will all be over soon, so suck it up.

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Neo-Futurists in action

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Erica Livingston and Rob Neill, NY Neo-Futurists
NYNF members Erica Livingston and Rob Neill
on the steps of 85 East Fourth Street,
home of the Kraine Theater and the NY Neo-Futurists


February 21st, 2009

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