Our Cupcake is Back

Cupcakes in the East VillageCupcake cravings have been well-documented in the 5 boroughs of New York City as the sugar-hearted seek out their cakes, fillings and frostings of choice.

Though our interests do not drive us to Magnolia meccas, one of our favorite local, East Village coffee shops, The Bean, at 49 1/2 First Avenue (If you go to 49 3/4, you’ve gone too far) has provided a rotating selection of cupcakes that have filled “the craving.” For months though, our preferred sweet treat has been missing and then, last week, it reappeared as the the cupcake product line was refreshed.

And this time it was bigger and better than ever – the “Hostess” cupcake.

Checking in at $4, this cupcake packs a fairly large cup of cake and could be easily split between two who are calorie conscious.

For the calorie unconscious, why share?

The fascination is admittedly a bit odd. The original “The Hostess” is not the best cupcake in the world. Some might say its disgusting. For us, fond childhood memories flood the mind as we recall eating multiple cupcakes in one sitting while watching numbing, network TV comedy.

Getting To Know The Hostess

Cupcakes in the East VillageVisually, the cupcake we scarfed down had a slightly smeared squiggle. This was a little disappointing in that seeing a smudged squiggle is like seeing John Hancock’s name smeared on the Declaration of Independence.

Beneath the squiggle was a light chocolate shell frosting which contrasted with the gooey synthetic chocolate popularized by the real-life “Hostess.” Synthetic taste isn’t important for our Hostess craving. For some of you, processed ingredients may be required and therefore you will be underwhelmed by the Bean’s version which likely won’t make it through a nuclear winter.

How many of you used to peel that synthetic layer off and devour it? Not here! No never.

Shield Your Eyes

Next, we forked the cupcake and began digging for the ample creamy insides.

There is something satisfying about the creamy insides, isn’t there, dear reader? Hmm. (Roll the creepy laughter audio!)

Quickly, the creamy center appeared and was surrounded by a rich, moist cake just the way Mr. Duncan Hines always said it would be. After nearly two minutes, the fat cupcake became part of the fat belly.

The “Hostess” was our cupcake, again. And, will be again. And, again.

Hello, Dolphin Gym.

Hostess Cupcake in the East Village


April 7th, 2009

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