Activate Your Shaft With Lift newyork

Lift newyork elevator design companyNothing worse than a boring shaft.

Fortunately, Scott Vandervoort and his new elevator shaft design company, Lift newyork, provide an exciting alternative solution for the pulsing mechanical core of many New York City buildings.

EVP viewed Lift’s recently-completed shaft at 30 Bond Street, a classic, “old school” building especially when comparing it to Ian Schrager’s Herzog & de Meuron-designed, 40 Bond building next door. Who knew such a radical elevator core was lying within?

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The shaft’s seven-story painting offers artists (and potentially advertisers, too, says Scott) new site-specific opportunities within the construct of elevator design as tight space, movement and community are re-considered.

On Lift newyork’s team for the 30 Bond shaft were artists David Ellis & Doze Green who painted the long walls in July of 2007 and published the results of their elevator shaft artwork last April in a book titled “Shaft.” Fluid lines mingle with birds and beasts, and iconography that let’s you know, “Hey, this is the 3rd floor… we gotta get off.”

Scott designed the vator’s brushed metal car from North American Elevator with glass windows to reveal the painting on one wall and and the soaring, steel mechanics on another. The result is an elevator which becomes a building’s proud, common jewel as well as a location for the next cocktail party.

Despite the current real estate climate and U.S. economy, Scott still sees opportunity as the cost of revamping an elevator shaft is inexpensive compared to larger renovations that co-ops, corporate structures and even public housing might undertake. And, a re-designed shaft is something that the building’s inhabitants can share and enjoy everyday.

The next project is already underway for Lift newyork as artist Kenji Hirata is creating the mural for the a redesigned elevator shaft at the Chelsea Day School in New York City.

Elevator Shaft Painting

Elevator Windows Design at 30 Bond

Scott Vandervoort, Lift newyork

Scott Vandervoort, Founder, Lift newyork

Lift newyork in the Media: Curbed


April 14th, 2009

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  • 1. TJ  |  April 14th, 2009 at 11:18 am

    Way cool! Loved this video….

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  • 4. Eric Mangol  |  June 26th, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    Great video! Really interesting company. I wish him all the success in the world.

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