Custom T-Shirts in the East Village: Works in Progress NYC

Custom T-Shirts East Village, Works In Progress NYCIf you want to combine your company’s next purchase of company t-shirts with helping high school-ers find their creative mojo and potential career path, get a price quote from the East Village’s Works In Progress NYC, managed by the tireless Emily Clark, WIP’s Program Director.

EVP recently visited the production shop and interviewed the entire crew.

Check out the following video:

Works In Progress internships are offered each year to students who may have creative interests or find that traditional classroom settings aren’t a great fit. Students are taught all phases of the production process as it relates to silk-screening at the WIP offices at 59 East 4th Street in NYC’s East Village. T-shirts, bags and other printable wearables can be produced by the team of artisans at a competitive price.

This year’s participating group includes New York City high school students from the Institute for Collaborative Eduction (ICE) and Essex Street Academy.

Not surprisingly, many of the areas museums use Works in Progress NYC for their t-shirt business as the opportunity to give back to the community along with expert execution of designs is hard to pass up.

In the coming years Emily tells us that WIP hopes to expand the program to include more students, more space and, eventually, computers for participating students, too.

Fourth Arts Block, on which WIP resides, continues to evolve as companies and non-profits plot their growth strategies in spite of the domestic economy’s woes.


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Our Cupcake is Back

Cupcakes in the East VillageCupcake cravings have been well-documented in the 5 boroughs of New York City as the sugar-hearted seek out their cakes, fillings and frostings of choice.

Though our interests do not drive us to Magnolia meccas, one of our favorite local, East Village coffee shops, The Bean, at 49 1/2 First Avenue (If you go to 49 3/4, you’ve gone too far) has provided a rotating selection of cupcakes that have filled “the craving.” For months though, our preferred sweet treat has been missing and then, last week, it reappeared as the the cupcake product line was refreshed.

And this time it was bigger and better than ever – the “Hostess” cupcake.

Checking in at $4, this cupcake packs a fairly large cup of cake and could be easily split between two who are calorie conscious.

For the calorie unconscious, why share?

The fascination is admittedly a bit odd. The original “The Hostess” is not the best cupcake in the world. Some might say its disgusting. For us, fond childhood memories flood the mind as we recall eating multiple cupcakes in one sitting while watching numbing, network TV comedy.

Getting To Know The Hostess

Cupcakes in the East VillageVisually, the cupcake we scarfed down had a slightly smeared squiggle. This was a little disappointing in that seeing a smudged squiggle is like seeing John Hancock’s name smeared on the Declaration of Independence.

Beneath the squiggle was a light chocolate shell frosting which contrasted with the gooey synthetic chocolate popularized by the real-life “Hostess.” Synthetic taste isn’t important for our Hostess craving. For some of you, processed ingredients may be required and therefore you will be underwhelmed by the Bean’s version which likely won’t make it through a nuclear winter.

How many of you used to peel that synthetic layer off and devour it? Not here! No never.

Shield Your Eyes

Next, we forked the cupcake and began digging for the ample creamy insides.

There is something satisfying about the creamy insides, isn’t there, dear reader? Hmm. (Roll the creepy laughter audio!)

Quickly, the creamy center appeared and was surrounded by a rich, moist cake just the way Mr. Duncan Hines always said it would be. After nearly two minutes, the fat cupcake became part of the fat belly.

The “Hostess” was our cupcake, again. And, will be again. And, again.

Hello, Dolphin Gym.

Hostess Cupcake in the East Village

April 7th, 2009

New York Neo-Futurists: Great Plays for 37 Cents Each

New York Neo-FuturistsIf you have ever found yourself caged in the audience of a particularly boring Broadway play or musical, the New York Neo-Futurists have the answer.

With plays lasting no more than 3 minutes tops, there’s bound to be something which will float your theatrical boat over the course of their whirlwind 60-minute production.

Need more? Ticket prices start at $11, so depending on how you roll one of their dice at the front door, your admission results in a per play cost of around 37 cents – an East Village of NYC theatrical stimulus package if we’ve ever heard of one.

Click here to see the EVP video:

Performing below KGB Bar in the Kraine Theater at 85 East 4th Street, the 14-member ensemble divvies up the responsibilities every Friday and Saturday night as 5-8 members take to the stage at 10:30 p.m. and perform an ever-changing roster of new, often humorous, plays.

NYNF members Rob Neill and Erica Livingston informed us that the theatrical troupe originated in Chicago 20 years ago and today’s East Village of New York City version started on the local stage 5 years ago. Future plans for the NY version include selling out (the theater) and expanding education in their subversive, Neo-Futurist ways. Diabolical!

Disclaimer: If you hate being pulled from the audience during a production to perform as one of the cast, not to worry. It will all be over soon, so suck it up.


February 21st, 2009

Happy Days Are/Is at WOW Cafe in the East Village

Samuel Becketts Happy Days produced by Intentional TheaterMiriam Eusebio’s Intentional Theater company has intentionally decided to offer an upcoming production of Samuel Beckett’s “Happy Days” at WOW Cafe Theater located at 59-61 East 4th Street.

With show dates running from February 26 to March 21, Miriam and actors Asta Hansen and Dale Fuller have been bending like Beckett in rehearsals for many weeks. The play itself involves the relationship of Willie and Winnie – and if we told you anymore, the Beckett estate might get angry. EVP was denied the right to film one second of the show in rehearsal. But, no problem – we can work with you Sammy.

Suffice it to say that any character that gets buried up to its neck will likely resonate with theatergoers in these economically and politically turbulent times. But, those looking for Richie Cunningham or the Fonz will be disappointed.

View the following video about the play’s participants and a Fourth Arts Block stalwart, WOW Cafe Theatre.


February 5th, 2009

4th Street Food Co-Op Offers Community, Hemp, More

4th Street Food Co-Op in the East Village
The East Village lives – vegetarian style!

Though we enjoy vegetarian food, our cheeseburger interests have precluded any strict adoption of a more vegan lifestyle. However, if we were vegan, we’d start our shopping at the friendly confines of the 4th Street Food Co-op at 58 E. 4th Street in New York City’s East Village (actually, we’ll shop there regardless).

Lippe, the manager, and the Wednesday morning member volunteers including Virginia, Ken and Lea recently gave EVP a thorough tour of the store which is stocked to the ceiling with food of the Earth and an endless supply of anarchistic, community thinking.

Fear not, white-collar-former-Wall-Streeters-living-on-six-months-severance. This is good anarchy. Everyone has a “say.” So before you leave town, make sure to stop by for some hemp bliss (yeah, baby!), organic ricemilk or sunchokes. Tell ’em, EVP sent you.

Click below for the video!

As Virginia told us, one of the key differentiators between this and other co-operatives, such as the baby strollerbot co-op in Park Slope, is that the 4th Street Food Co-op welcomes all shoppers to its on Fourth Arts Block location. There’s no “Co-op” cop at the door to shoo away non-members – just come right in and get your weekly supply of Turkish figs.

If you want to become a member for a small fee ($25) and partake in healthy discounts for healthy food, even better. Working members who put in a couple of hours each week receive 20% off, non-working members get 8% off. Check out the their website for details.


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