Rivington Guitars Riffs to East Village’s 4th Street in NYC

Rivington GuitarsThere are no more excuses for air guitar on Fourth Street in the East Village of New York City.

About two weeks ago, Rivington Guitars took its merry bandwagon of vintage guitars and headed north from its Lower East Side, Rivington Street location and moved into a sparkling, new FAB (Fourth Arts Block) storefront at 73 East Fourth Street.

A popular destination for locals, musicians, collectors and touristas alike, Howie Statland and Erik Simon – owner and manager, respectively, of Rivington Guitars – say that the symbiotic relationship between arts organizations, retail and the community on Fourth Street helped precipitate the move especially when compared to the dog eat dog world of Rivington Street.

Though East Village Podcasts knowledge of the vintage guitar world is limited, it appears Howie and Erik, who are ready to jam when you are, have packed the store full of classic guitars including, as you will see: a 1965 Gretsch Chet Atkins, a 1969 Fender Telecaster, a 1975 Les Paul Custom, a 1979 Les Paul Custom Silverburst, a 1918 Martin and a James Trussart, to name a few. The attractive wall display is like a guitar hall of fame. See them in the video!

Howie and Erik back up the collection with anecdotes and insight. Erik offers, “I noticed years ago that girls were buying electric guitars and wanting to be rock stars, and guys were buying acostic guitars and singing about their feelings. It really perplexed me.”

It’s not just about buying and selling guitars at Rivington Guitars, either. If your Strummer has lost its Joe, or needs repair, or you forgot how to play and need guitar lessons, Howie and Erik look forward to assisting.

Be warned about store rules, though. Do not turn a Stratocaster into an axe and bury it in one of the store’s speakers.. unless you want to buy them. And, in that case, enjoy.

Howie Statland of Rivington Guitars

Erik Simon of Rivington Guitars

Rivington Guitars in the Media: Racked

January 19th, 2009

It’s 5:54 p.m. and 15 Degrees in the East Village

Run for your lives! It’s way too cold out in the East Village of New York City.

In fact, the deli at Avenue A and Second Street is already pulling all flowers and fruit off the streets.

Pineapples, get inside!

Ice Cold in NYC's East Village


January 16th, 2009

Video: Animal Rescue In The East Village – Social Tees and the Bus

Social TeesEvery other weekend or so, a bus parks in front of The Bean coffee shop on 1st avenue and Third Street. It’s not a wayward M15 looking for a free cuppa. It’s Bob and friends from Social Tees (visit their website), who in partnership with North Shore Animal League, brings animal rescue to the well-trafficked East Village corner.

To view a video from a recent Saturday afternoon “on the bus,” click below. Everyone is welcome to enter the bus and say hello to the animals.

Taken from the City’s kill shelters the day before they were scheduled to be euthanized, these dogs and cats are available for adoption for $75 and already come with medical care valued at $400.

According to Bob, the ongoing citywide program has resulted in the placement of nearly 3,000 animals each year. Bob also says applications are carefully reviewed in order to find a suitable home for each animal. As you will see, these animals are hard to resist.

And when the bus isn’t around, Social Tees is. Located at 124 East Fourth Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues, the unique storefront’s office hours are from 3-7 p.m and in additioin to its animal rescue mission, Social Tees offers custom printing and fund raising solutions.

January 12th, 2009

Start Saving in 2009: The East Village Dishwasher

In these challenging economic times, budgets for residents of New York City’s East Village may become restrained – and even require cutbacks in essential areas once thought untouchable.

Case and point: the dishwasher.

Some view the dishwasher as a water-wasting environmental nightmare that costs much more to buy, run and maintain than it ever provides in return.

In response, we give you the East Village dishwasher.

A furry creature with bonus fertilizer capabilities, this dishwasher will lick your dishes clean and not think twice about jetting to the Tompkins Square Park Dog Run.

East Village Dishwasher

January 5th, 2009

Bond Street Chocolate – An East Village Chocolate Shop

Live in the East Village?

Have a chocolate “problem”?

The methadone clinic isn’t going to be able to help you this time.

63 East 4th Street is now home to the sweet chocolate treats of Chef Lynda Stern who has opened Bond Street Chocolate on the-fabulous-block-currently-known-as Fourth Arts Block.

A New York City native, Chef Stern and her staff – primarily her industrious husband and relatives – have crafted a perfect candy wrapper for her unique chocolates with the opening of the small but mighty East 4th Street store. Over-indulgence and cavities for many East Village residents are likely imminent, as is more business for the local dentist economy.

Ever bitten the head off a chocolate Buddha with gold-leaf trim? You will now. Surely, there’s a religious group in Denmark holding street protests in response. Nevertheless, we congratulate Chef Stern and look forward to more metal in our mouth.

To view the exclusive EVP interview with Chef Stern and the Bond Street Chocolate team, click below:

Chef Stern adds that she considered changing the name of her business to East 4th Street Chocolate but decided to remain with the moniker that is most familiar to her current wholesale chocolate customer base.

For more information on Bond Street Chocolate, visit their website. No Ecommerce on the website, yet. It’s all “coming soon,” says Chef Lynda.

Bond Street Chocolate in the Media: NY Times, New York Magazine, Serious Eats, Eater, PaperMag, The Chocolate Life, Time Out New York, Sweet Freak, NY Post, NYU News, this.hearts.on.fire, Snackish

December 29th, 2008

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